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Director: Benoit Lach

Producer: Blachfilms

Executive Producer: Benoit Lach, Vincent Lafortune

Writer: Benoit Lach

Cast: Noémi Lira, Sacha Charles, Mikhaïl Ahooja, Philipe Robidoux, Marc Larrivée, Jacynthe Lague, Robin L’Hoummeau, Hélène Major, David-Alexandre Després, Charles Aubey-Houle

Genres: Drama

Demographics: All audiences

S01: 8 x 7’, S02: 8 x 12’

Following a sudden and unexpected break-up with their respective spouses, Mathieu invites Joëlle, his best friend since always, to live the time of a few months, an unforgettable road trip. What initially promises to be an initiation journey, quickly slips, when the duo meets Robin, a being as charismatic as dangerous, who pushes the limits of freedom, endangering for the first time the friendship that unites Mathieu et Joëlle.