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Director: Benoit Lach

Producer: Blachfilms

Executive Producer: Benoit Lach, Vincent Lafortune

Writer: Benoit Lach, Vincent Lafortune

Cast: Étienne Galloy, Nicolas Fontaine, Luka Limoges, Marguerine Bouchard, Lenni-Kim Lalande, Marie-Ève Beauregard

Genres: Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Children, Family, Teen

Fluffy Marky

HG Distribution
33 x 7’ & 4 x 48’

Head of the high school “Death Trio”, Marky is a bully who terrorizes his classmates. Jerome is the school nerd and a bit of a scientific genius. He’s been Marky’s favorite victim for years, and has been plotting his revenge for just as long. He doesn’t know it yet, but Marky’s life is about to change forever. Jerome creates a poison in the school lab and tricks Marky into drinking it. But this is like no poison we’ve seen before. The next morning, Marky wakes to find himself magically transformed into a soft, fluffy, purple puppet. His father screams, his mother faints. But once reality sets in, Marky realizes he has to go to school and face his friends ~ and everyone else! The tables have turned and he soon finds out what it feels like to be picked on and humiliated. But what he doesn’t expect to find, is acceptance and friendship from the very kids whose lives he once made a misery.

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