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Director: Mark Chatel

Producer: Balestra Productions Inc.

Executive Producer: Mark Chatel

Writer: Olivier Pinsonneault

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

40 x 60’

This docuseries not only offers the outdoor experience, but it also delves into the character of the guides as they reveal their unique universe. As a matter of fact, this worldwide series showcases the personality of individuals who literally work off the beaten path and who hold a job tailor-made for them. To be successful and respected within their industry, they had to show courage and extraordinary know-how. Our guides are people willing to share their expertise with clients who crave adventure. They spend countless hours, days and weeks preparing extraordinary expeditions that will bring them to mountain tops, in the most remote forests, or at the bottom of lakes and oceans. Adventure Guides promises to impress viewers with unique and endearing characters and adventures in the heart of what nature has best to offer.