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Director: Benoit Lach, (Season 1) Benoit Lach et Philippe Grenier (Season 2)

Producer: Blachfilms

Executive Producer: Benoit Lach, Vincent Lafortune

Writer: Benoit Lach

Cast: Laurie Babin, Mathieu Baron, Marc Beaupré, Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau, Normand D’Amour, Kevin Houle, Mylène Mackay, Maxime Mailloux, Alexandre Perreault et Élizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon, Hélène Florent, Cynthia Wu-Maheux, Larrisa Corriveau, Ariane Castellanos, Charles-Aubey Houde

Genres: Kids, Sci-Fi

Demographics: Children, Family, Teen

Season 1: 13 x 30’, Season 2: 12 x 30’

Season 1: Five teenagers jump head first into a parallel universe, with the hopes of finding a treasure with exceptional powers. However, the adventure turns out to be more difficult than expected when the youngsters learn that the only way to find the treasure is to complete 8 tasks created by Gamma, a mysterious celestial being who controls this borderless world.

Season 2: The adventure continues in the eighth dimension, where our heroes must come together to face new tasks that are more complex and more personal than ever. From strange, terrifying birds to endless underground labyrinths, our youngsters are pushed to the very limit by Gamma.