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Director: Benoît Lach, Vincent Lafortune

Producer: Blachfilms

Executive Producer: Benoît Lach, Vincent Lafortune

Writer: Benoît Lach, Vincent Lafortune

Cast: Laurie Babin, Mathieu Baron, Marc Beaupré, Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau, Normand D’Amour, Kevin Houle, Mylène Mackay, Maxime Mailloux, Alexandre Perreault, Élizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon

Genres: Children’s, Kids, Sci-Fi, thriller

Demographics: Children, Family, Teen


HG Distribution
13 x 30’

In an abandoned house in a small village, five youngsters discover a secret passage to a mysterious world hiding a priceless treasure. However, the joy brought by this extraordinary discovery will be short-lived for Lou and his friends, who soon learn that the treasure is coveted by some seedy characters with bad intentions. Threatened by immoral villains, our young protagonists have no choice but to plunge into this strange world to save themselves. Together they thwart all danger that awaits, embarking on a treasure hunt that push them to their ultimate limit.

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