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HG Distribution


HG Distribution

Company overview

Licensing TV rights, VOD, Web and Mobile content to television broadcasters worldwide.

Since 2006, HG Distribution has gained its notoriety representing independent producers internationally and providing quality content to broadcasters across the globe. READ MORE

Programming Profile

HGagnon: all about distribution

Henry Gagnon, CEO at HGagnon Distribution, talks us through his C21 Digital Screenings playlist and explains why his company is different from other Quebecois distributors.


Montreal-based HGagnon Distribution prides itself on only distributing third-party programming and not producing any of its own to compete with that supplied by its content partners.


“I’m one of the very rare independent distributors in Canada, meaning I’m not producing. I don’t think there are any others in French-Canada, they are all either associated with a production company or part of one,” says CEO Henry Gagnon.


“We represent more than 106 producers but we make nothing ourselves. I wake up each morning thinking about the next buyer and I go to bed in the evening thinking about the next buyer for tomorrow, so I don’t develop or produce. I’m pretty much all about hunting buyers for the readymade content we represent.”



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