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Director: Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Kim Riccelli

Producer: Coraçao da Selva

Cast: Bruna Lombardi, Fernando Alves Pinto, Hugo Bonemer, Virginia Cavendish, Ondina Clais, Alejandro Claveaux, Leticia Colin, Camila Dos Anjos, Paulo Gorgulho, André Loddi, João Paulo Lorenzon, Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Bia Seidl

Genres: Drama

Season 1 – 12 x 60’, Season 2 – 10 x 60’

Sofia Prado is a sex therapist at Tantra Institute, an alternative therapy center for couples, where she helps people deal with their challenges and desires, as she struggles with her own emotions. Sex, politics and power mark this story, as its protagonists become increasingly involved in dangerous conflicts.