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Director: Michel Tikhomiroff

Producer: Mixer

Cast: Rafaela Mandelli (Joana Segall / Karin), Juliana Schalch (Maria Clara de Andrade / Luna), Michelle Batista (Magali Becker), João Gabriel Vasconcellos (Augusto), Gabriel Godoy (Oscar), Guilherme Weber (Ariel)

Genres: Drama

People: Gabriel Godoy (Oscar), Guilherme Weber (Ariel), João Gabriel Vasconcellos (Augusto), Juliana Schalch (Maria Clara de Andrade / Luna), Michel Tikhomiroff, Michelle Batista (Magali Becker), Mixer, Rafaela Mandelli (Joana Segall / Karin)

60 mins

Marketing is the soul of any business. When Karin finds her career is at a crossroads, she joins forces with Luna and Magali to make big changes in their chosen profession. And why, after all, can’t the oldest profession in the world benefit from modern marketing and planning methods? That’s right; Karin, Luna and Magali are escort girls. But principally they are business women.
The series THE BUSINESS describes how Karin swaps her old manager for two stunning female partners and sets out to build up her own substantial clientele. After all, every man is a potential customer. Using the same market tools as the major companies, the girls decide to take the marketing maxim “Change desire into necessity” for real. To achieve this they use a range of strategies, from offering “special incentives”, to selling bachelor parties in bridal wear stores, and even offering “service vouchers” to airline passengers stranded because of overbooking. The aim of all of which is to produce loyalty in a target group that is notorious for its lack of it.
But like all pioneers in any field they discover all is not sweetness and light. Nonetheless, for these bold, independent and determined women, if the road is rough they get a tractor – at least while they’re waiting for their own jet to arrive. After all, the only thing that matters is success in such a competitive business.