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Director: Hernan Goldfrid

Producer: Pol-Ka Productions

Writer: Gustavbo Malajovich, Marcos Osorio Vidal

Cast: Joaquin Furriel (Fabián Danubio), Luis Luque (César Doberti), Julieta Zylberberg (Detective Blanco), Mario Pasik (Carreras), Claudio Da Passano (Marcos Silva), Norma Aleandro (Doris), Daniel Fanego (Detective Raul Madragon)

Genres: Drama

People: Claudio Da Passano (Marcos Silva), Daniel Fanego (Detective Raul Madragon), Gustavbo Malajovich, Hernan Goldfrid, Joaquin Furriel (Fabián Danubio), Julieta Zylberberg (Detective Blanco), Luis Luque (César Doberti), Marcos Osorio Vidal, Mario Pasik (Carreras), Norma Aleandro (Doris), Pol-Ka Productions

60 mins

Based on the book of the same name by Gustavo Malajovich, The Bronze Garden follows the desperate struggle of architect Fabian Danubio to find his daughter, Moira, who has disappeared inexplicably and without a trace. Getting no answers from the police, Fabian decides to take matters into his own hands, conducting the search investigation himself.

In the second season, the plot follows Fabián and Moira’s life after reuniting. They each struggle to fight their own internal battles following everything they’ve been through, while Fabian decides to take on another case.