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Director: Isabel Coixet

Executive Producer: Isabel Coixet, Ingrid Bermúdez de Castro, Miguel Salvat (HBO Europe), Steve Matthews (HBO Europe), Antony Root (HBO Europe)

Writer: Isabel Coixet

Cast: Laia Costa, Guillermo Pfening

Genres: Comedy

People: Antony Root (HBO Europe), Guillermo Pfening, Ingrid Bermúdez de Castro, Isabel Coixet, Laia Costa, Miguel Salvat (HBO Europe), Steve Matthews (HBO Europe)

Foodie Love

HBO Europe

From Goya award winning director Isabel Coixet. When a mobile dating app that finds foodie loving singletons connects two thirty-somethings, they embark on getting to know each other through the mediums of jamon, ramen and fine dining. But both are held back by insecurities and doubts fuelled by the scars of their previous relationships. They’ll have to discover if their common devotion to Japanese yuzu, or shared distaste for foodie pretension, will be enough to let them taste true love. Produced by Miss Wasabi films for HBO Europe.

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