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Impress Me

13 x ½ hr

A scripted comedy from Rainn Wilson (The Office, starring heartthrob Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead) and neurotic-guy-in-his-40s Jim Meskimen (Parks and Rec). They are real life celebrity impressionists who interact with big name celebrities on a regular basis, mostly because they are 'being' them. Ross and Jim are the best of the best at what they do, and they make a lot of money doing it. The catch: they want to give it all up to be taken seriously as dramatic actors.

The first 13 episodes of Impress Me follow Ross and Jim on a 12-Step Program to try and make the 'impressionist to serious actor transition.' In the process, they end up losing everything, but finding themselves...maybe.

Celebrity guest stars include Angela Kinsey (The Office), Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), Josh Groban, Brandon Routh (Superman Returns)

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