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Producer: Blink Films

Cast: Tom Kerridge

Genres: Factual

10 x 30’

The USA has given us some of the most famous foods on the planet. But beyond popcorn, burgers and hot dogs, how much do we really know about American cuisine?

In this 10-part series, top chef Tom Kerridge travels from coast to coast across America to find the country’s best kept food secrets. From comforting pancakes and maple syrup in Vermont to meaty tacos in Tucson, this is an exciting culinary adventure to unearth the United States’ best recipes and flavours.

Travelling East to West, Tom’s journey captures the heart and soul of American food. From rustling up conch fritters in the Florida Keys and sampling soul food in Oakland to cooking up mountain elk in Colorado – each sizzling episode will feature stunning locations and iconic American cuisine. Every show, Tom will experience delicious dishes with the help of local chefs and home-grown cooks. Whether they’re a street food extraordinaire or a high-end restaurateur, Tom will bring out their captivating personal stories.

We’ll see him gathering ingredients out in the Tucson desert, fishing in the Florida Keys, sculpting pierogi in Pittsburgh’s Polish district, and foraging along the California coastline – in each place delving into the fascinating histories of each area’s distinctive cuisine. In each episode he’ll take all he’s learned back to his studio kitchen, combining it with two decades of experience in Britain’s best kitchens, to create mouth-watering dishes that you can make at home.

Iconic locations and flavour-packed recipes, Tom Kerridge’s American Feast is a taste-bud tickling adventure into some of the world’s best-loved foods.