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Producer: Hat Trick Productions, CASM Films

Executive Producer: Jimmy Mulville

Writer: Oliver Lansley

Cast: Anna Paquin, Sophie Okonedo, Lydia Wilson, Rebecca Benson

Genres: Drama, Format

12 x 60’

Set in a world of high-stakes public relations starring Anna Paquin (The Piano, True Blood, X-Men) as Robyn; a flack, a sharp and witty PR agent who’s an expert at her craft but a complete self-saboteur when it comes to her personal life.

Flack is equal parts comedy and drama, reflecting the brutal reality and complexities of modern life, where problems can go viral in an instant. With PR serving as the perfect backdrop to explore these complexities, Flack centres on Robyn and her fellow flacks who must figure out how to make the best of bad situations and somehow manage to get out unscathed.