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Director: Seok Hyun Choung

Producer: Happy Dog TV Ltd.

Writer: Sang Gi Kwak

Demographics: All audiences

3 min x 1,600 epi

Happy Dog TV Content:

• Co-created with specialists in veterinary science and animal behavior
• Adorable videos from over 60 different breeds of dogs, and cats
• Uses sounds of nature, ASMR, therapeutic music, and relaxing high-frequency waves
• Practical content for helping pets play, eat, sleep, and relieve stress even when they are alone

① Play Content ;
It developed through animal behavior research and studies. Content such as throwing discs, tug-of-war, and balloon popping can relieve pets’ anxiety by satisfying their curiosity.
② Healing Content ;
The content developed for the psychological stability and relaxation of pets alone at home. Utilizes various sound effects, therapeutic music, and relaxing high-frequency to help them relax.
③ Happy Dog Music ;
Relaxing music and lullabies performed with sound effects that stimulate your pets’ curiosity and traditional instruments from all across the globe.

Target Audience:

For Dogs and Cats
• A companion-sitter for dogs and cats while you’re away so that they will not feel lonely or anxious
• Content that help increase emotional bonds between owners and their pets

For Humans
• Special harmless videos applied “the power of cute” theory that show adorable dogs and cats to help babies and children with emotional stability and development.
• Helps the elderly relieve their boredom and raise their happiness level
• Helps busy workers and homemakers relieve stress and relax