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GWR Studios Digital Screenings Campaign January 2023


GWR Studios

Company overview

GWR Studios is the in-house production and licensing division of Guinness World Records and is dedicated to creating standout, award-winning factual and entertainment content for broadcast partners and digital platforms worldwide.

GWR Studios’ programming catalogue celebrates incredible record-breaking feats of endeavour and achievement through a diverse portfolio of content covering multiple genres including kids, talent shows, documentaries and clip shows. There is also GWR’s video and stills archive with licensing partners across social publishing, production and news.

GWR Studios also produces content for Guinness World Records’ owned media channels which receive a cumulative 4.6 billion views annually; branded content collaborations offer partners the opportunity to tap into this extensive audience.

Company contact

Address: The Rookery
2 Dyott Street

United Kingdom
E-mail: [email protected]

Programming Profile

Guinness World Records breaks new ground with GWR Studios


Kathryn Hubbard, head of content licensing at Guinness World Records, discusses the recent launch of GWR Studios, the new shows in its production pipeline and the company’s plans for this year.


What is the strategy behind the recent launch of GWR Studios?
Guinness World Records has been producing content for television since 1998, with programmes being produced in 21 territories worldwide and distributed to over 150. Over the years our output has expanded to include producing content for digital platforms as well as for our own social channels, which have grown massively – we have over 22 million followers on TikTok and cumulatively our channels receive 4.6 billion views per year.


Launching GWR Studios has allowed us to consolidate our in-house production experience under one roof and to put greater focus on creative development of new formats and different ways in which to celebrate our record holders and their incredible stories.


How does GWR Studios work with other producers and distributors?
Previously, we have worked with third-party producers and licensed out our brand and formats. However, in the last five years our involvement within these productions has become so integral that we are now seeking direct commissions ourselves from broadcasters.