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Gusto Worldwide Media


Gusto Worldwide Media

Company overview

Gusto Worldwide Media is an innovative media company that produces, distributes, and broadcasts inspiring culinary and lifestyle programming. From multiple in-studio shows featuring unforgettable cooking to adventurous documentary programming about food culture and sustainability, Gusto TV showcases a mix of diverse cuisines, unique food pairings, and entertaining hosts. Gusto’s state-of-the-art Canadian facility features a studio, test kitchen, post-production plant, master control, and playout services. With 100 new hours of original content created annually, and an additional 500 hours of proprietary content, Gusto operates on the premium lifestyle channel Gusto in Canada as well as across multiple international platforms.

Programming Profile

Full speed ahead with Gusto TV

Gusto Worldwide Media was one of the first companies in Ontario to resume shooting post-lockdown, giving it more original content to launch this week via its playlist on C21’s Digital Screenings.


Canada’s Gusto Worldwide Media had seen two years of consistent growth prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, and the company is one of the first in the province of Ontario to get back up and running with original production again.


Experienced TV producer Chris Knight started Gusto TV as an independent TV channel in Canada in 2013. In 2016, local broadcast group Bell Media licensed the content in Canada and launched a revamped channel backed by a content deal with Knight’s team. Gusto produces all the food programming that appears on the network, such as Watts On The Grill, The Latin Kitchen and One World Kitchen, in-house.


Knight retains ownership of the content outside Canada, which led to international expansion on two fronts in 2018 and 2019: launching the channel on to multiple platforms in multiple territories and distributing the growing library of original culinary content to third-party buyers.



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