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GPM Entertainment TV

Company Overview

GPM Entertainment TV

GPM Entertainment Television (GPM ETV) is a part of the Gazprom-Media holding company and it is Russia’s entertainment television market leader. The entertainment TV side of the group includes such well-known channels in Russia and CIS as TNT, TV-3, Friday!, TNT4, 2x2, Super, and a group of sports channels united by the Match TV brand. The group also owns several diversified production companies including Comedy Club Productions, Good Story Media, Studio Friday!, Animation Studio 2x2 and 123 Production with focus on premium high concept drama series and both commercial genre and director driven feature films. This allows GPM ETV to control the entire process from creating the idea for a show to filming and distributing it. Due to this advantage, the group is able to produce shows that cover a wide variety of subjects and genres, helping to meet the demands and interests of a large and diversified audience. In addition, GPM ETV’s ability to produce what it wants and when it wants allows not only to keep the viewership stable but gives the ability to dynamically expand it. GPM ETV offers its viewers unique TV show formats that cover a wide range of genres and topics, from modern dramas and comedies to animation and travel shows, all of which are developed by the brightest and most experienced creative teams in the industry.


Address: Olimpiysky Prospekt, 14
Phone: + 7 495 783 30 00


Tanya Guil

International Sales Manager
GPM Entertainment TV
[email protected]