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Director: Ergo Kuld

Producer: Eesti Televisioon (ETV), Kassikuld OÜ

Executive Producer: Ergo Kuld, Martin Algus, Ervin Roots

Writer: Martin Algus, Andres Anvelt

Cast: Tambet Tuisk, Veiko Porkanen, Mari Abel, Eva Koldits, Indrek Taalmaa, Mart Nurk

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18-30, 30-50, 50+


Alfred Vint, an official at the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Estonia, prompted by umbrage and personal gain, becomes an agent for Russian intelligence. He betrays everyone – his family, friends and country during a pivotal time, in 2004, when Estonia is joining NATO.

The stylish and thrilling six-part spy drama series is inspired by espionage scandals from Estonia’s recent history. The spy thriller observes the transformation of a spurned government official Alfred Vint into a traitor. Vint is pursued by a young, determined Estonian counterintelligence investigator Marko Arrak, who gradually moves closer to exposing the man, but Vint manages to escape his trap again and again. Lines of action are framed by issues in the personal lives of the characters. Vint is dealing with the consequences of his love for women, and Arrak is struggling with new fatherhood. Set against the backdrop of a country that is entering a new international alliance that will affect it’s national security, the series explores the ideas of patriotism, loyalty, ambition and the ultimate lust for power. Vint is grappling between the human and the calculative side of him, and is constantly struggling to maintain his deception. As his burden of guilt grows, his crimes become more severe. In the end, he finds himself in a hopeless situation and is prepared to take responsibility, but in the deciding moment, he is unable to end the game; instead, he commits a new and most grievous crime.