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Director: Andrea Bozzetto,Branko Rakic

Producer: Studio Bozzetto,Sardine Productions

Executive Producer: Pietro Pinetti (Studio Bozzetto), Ghislain Cyr (Sardine Productions)

Writer: Valentina Mazzola, Anne-Marie Perrotta


The tiny planet Flossy floats in a colorful universe populated by alien children of all kinds. Flossy is home to a very special place: The Game Catchers Headquarters!

The Game Catchers are a team of five friends on an interstellar journey to explore fantastic planets, with the aim of learning about, playing and collecting games so they are never forgoten.

In each episode, they travel the universe discovering new and unexplored planets making friends with the inhabitants, and every time playing a new game with them. To help the Game Catchers in their mission there’s Mr. Moustache. Now in retirement, he acts like a mentor to the Game Catchers and passes on his knowledge and passion for games. He helps them find new incredible planets to go on interstellar missions and “catch” new games. At the end of each mission, the games are stored in the Game-Machine, so they can be transmitted from generation to generation.

Underneath the fun space adventures filled with laughter, the series is conceived to bring attention back to playground games, promoting an active lifestyle. They are rediscovered with the awareness of how much playground games have been set aside in recent years due to the rise of screen time and the pandemic.