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Director: Carsten Fiebeler, Tom Zenker, John Delbridge, Heidi Kranz

Producer: Lucky Bird Pictures for ARD / BR

Executive Producer: Boris Ausserer, Bettina Ricklefs, Oliver Schündler

Writer: Sophia Immich, Herbert Kugler, Karin Michalke, Paul Milbers, Christian Lex, Angelika Schwarzhuber and more

Cast: Andreas Giebel, Peter Marton, Nepo Fitz, Ines Lutz, Kathrin von Steinburg, Barbara Weinzierl, Leonie Brill

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 30-50, 50+, All audiences

Mountain Murders

Global Screen - A Brand of TELEPOOL
16x48 min

Season 1:
Chief Inspector Benedikt Beissl has been running his police station in Berchtesgaden pretty much on his own for many years, when all of a sudden the top brass decide to assign him a new colleague: Jerry Paulsen is not only everything that Beissl is not, namely charming, talkative and open-hearted, but as the son of a German mother and an American GI he is also mixed race. But all this bothers Beissl a lot less than the fact that Jerry also happens to be going out with his beloved daughter Johanna – the guy is practically his son-in-law! With his winning ways, the "wannabe Obama" really gets on Beissl's wick. But when the pair are on a case, their private issues remain outside the door – well for the most part. They may not be cool cops, but they do at least behave like composed professionals. All Beissl really wants is to keep his family safe from the outside world. But try as he might he can't keep that world from infringing on his idyllic home-town Berchtesgaden. His wife Elisabeth and daughter Johanna, who works as a journalist, both know this. So, it is a good thing that ultimately the Beissls can rely on one another – and on new family members like Jerry Paulsen.

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