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Director: Fréderic Martin
Producer: Marc Dhrami,Jean-Baptiste Lère
Executive Producer: Sidonie Dumas,Christophe Riandee,Nicolas Atlan
Writer: Fréderic Martin
Cast: Kyle Soller,David O’Reilly,Gary Martin,Larissa Murray,Beth Chalmers
Genres: Children’s
People: Beth Chalmers, Christophe Riandee, David O’Reilly, Frédéric Martin, Gary Martin, Jean-Baptiste Lère, Kyle Soller, Larissa Murray, Marc Dhrami, Nicolas Atlan, Sidonie Dumas
Shows: Furiki Wheels
Companies: Gaumont
Furiki Wheels

52 x 11’

A cartoon comedy following a hyperactive, young sloth with oodles of drive! He’s the first of his kind to even leave his tree and he is not stopping there! He wants to shake the dust of this town off his feet and see the world, but, before anything else, he must pass his driving test. First stop? Racers School, because every herbivore who wants to survive out there needs to learn to drive fast! Or else you’ll end up as a leopard’s lunch meat.

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