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Furry wheels

Gaumont Animation

André is a hyperactive young sloth with oodles of drive. He’s the first of his kind to even leave his tree. And he’s not stopping there; he wants to shake the dust of this town off his feet and see the world, but before everything he must pass his driving test. First stop, Racers School to get his diploma, because any herbivore who wants to survive out there needs to learn to drive, fast! Or else you’ll quickly end up as a leopard’s luncheon meat.
André doesn’t quite fit in at Racers School. In fact, he sticks out like a sore thumb, but a wildly talented one at that: talented because this sloth was born to drive, and wild because he looks like he just fell out of a tree, and the only thing holding his shorts up is a peanut in place of a belt buckle; at least when he remembers to wear shorts.
“Furry Wheels” is a cartoon comedy following André as he tries to become a hotshot driver in the modern world. He takes any challenge Racer School throws at him head-on, from wild races to death-defying stunts to pop quizzes on parallel parking. But his fellow students are also fierce competitors, and one of them will do anything to get rid of our long-armed upstart, even getting into cahoots with the fearsome carnivores.

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