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Theme Festival - Gameshows

About this Festival

You can’t keep a good gameshow down. This festival gathers together a selection of top-notch gameshows formats to bolster the schedule.

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Changing the game


As demand for gameshows increases amid the pandemic, what are the long-term implications for this sector of the international format industry and what new IP is coming to market? Andy Fry reports.


In a year when commercial survival will be viewed as a positive result for many companies, gameshows have once again demonstrated their resilience. Cheap to make, versatile, and fun for all the family, they have helped broadcasters around the world bring stability to their schedules.



Kelly Wright, senior VP of distribution and new business at Israel-based Keshet International (KI), says her firm has experienced healthy demand for formats like Contacts, Touch, Boom! and Singletown throughout the pandemic, with the latter produced for Discovery Networks in Denmark and Norway.


“You can keep gameshow production on a single site, you have fewer issues with insurance than in other genres, and they can be produced without live audiences and in high volume,” she says. “Overall, gameshows are low-risk yet very effective in delivering ratings for broadcasters.”