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Home > Screenings > GAD > The secrets of Mount Olympus

Director: Anne Viry-Babel

Producer: Grand Angle Productions

Executive Producer: Jean-Luc Millan

Genres: Documentary


At the top of this mountain, hidden from mortals by the clouds, the gods and goddesses feasted and contemplated Men.
Thousands of years later, Mount Olympus has lost none of its aura.
On the contrary, it still fascinates just as much!
Expeditions are conducted in search of precious indicators to reconstruct the story of climatic events that have marked the last 10,000 years in this region of the Mediterranean. For the first time, an ice cave, never explored before, will be studied, encapsulating the memory of ancient climates.
This human adventure will enlighten us to the origins of myths, such as Zeus’ lightning bolt: myth or reality?

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