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Director: Takeshi Narita, Hiroaki Matsuyama, Yusuke Ishii

Producer: Madoka Takiyama, Yasuyuki Azuma

Writer: Shigeki Kaneko

Cast: Eita, Toma Ikuta, Satomi Ishihara, Yuya Endo, Yuki Sato

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+


Brought together in a seminar class, five young students of forensic medicine try to discover the story behind people's deaths, as well as more about their lives while performing postmortem examinations.

Why did they have to die? What kind of life did they lead? What were they thinking about in their life? The young medical students struggle daily to make sense of each message they uncover, considering its possible connection to the overall meaning of life. Their difficulties and the emotions that accompany them, as well as how the students mature along the way, form the main focus in this coming-of-age drama.