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Director: Konstantin Kolesov

Producer: Nikolay Kartozia, Natalia Golodova, Andrey Ageev

Executive Producer: Kirill Balmin, Georgi Rozinov

Writer: Denis Ostapchuk, Denis Vorochay

Cast: Maria Shalaeva, Antonina Komissarova, Galina Sazonova, Alexey Ilyin, Marina Dianova, Anna Gulyarenko, Anton Filipenko, Kirill Kaganovich, Levan Mskhiladze, Arseny Gusev, Vitaly Bredikhin, Ruslan Shchedrin, Anastasia Bezrukova

Genres: Comedy, Entertainment

Teachers in Law

Friday! TV Channel

A town in the Far East is run by local criminals and Chinese mafia. No one can stop them... except for a group of senior-year school teachers! The incredible rescue team is led by an English teacher Katerina. A newbie at school, she already gained credibility showing the knowledge of gangster laws. Enough said--those who can cope with students, have nothing to fear!

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