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Director: Ilya Kulikov

Producer: Nikolay Kartozia

Writer: Ilya Kulikov

Cast: Sergey Burunov , Rostislav Bershauer, Grigory Kalinin, Yuri Grubnik, Marusya Klimova, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Kirill Melekhov , Olga Dibtseva, Sergey Shtatnov, Evgeny Sarmont

Genres: Comedy, Entertainment, Format

Demographics: 15+


Friday! TV Channel
17x30 min

The Board of Directors decides to bring down the shares of the channel in order to buy them on the cheap. On this purpose they make a goofy taxi driver a CEO of the channel and ask him to shoot a TV series as a head producer. The new CEO finds a team of freaks and outsiders of media environment to make a “great” melodrama. Surprisingly, the series which meant to be a disaster, becomes a great success. It throws off all the plans of the Board Directors.

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