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Director: Sergey Airapetov, Gennadiy Lobankov,Alexander Dashko, Natalia Smirnih

Producer: Nikolay Kartozia, Boris Volkov

Writer: Nikolay Kartozia, Boris Volkov, Nikita Rostovtsev, Oleg Mastic, Andrey Ilkov

Genres: Entertainment, Format, Reality

Demographics: 15+

Instagram Girls

Friday! TV Channel
21 episodes x 48 min (1 season-13 episodes, 2 season-8 episodes)

Two “Instagram goddesses” come down to earth and undergo the trial with an ordinary life. Their aim is to prove that they are much more than a beautiful picture. The winner is the participant who successfully copes with the trials and shows herself as a brave person. The result is endured by the jury that consists of the ordinary people.

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