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Friday! TV Channel


Friday! TV Channel

Company overview

Friday! TV is a popular entertainment broadcaster. Our catalogue includes the variety of content: from docu-reality and makeovers to cooking formats and comedy series. Most of the shows are original formats.

Programming Profile

That Friday feeling


Nikolay Kartozia, general director of GPM Entertainment-owned Russian broadcaster Friday TV, reveals the secrets of the channel’s success and its plans for global expansion.


What are Friday TV’s domestic and international strategy and goals, and how have these been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?
The main focus of our local strategy is in the formation of hybrid television and production of shows that turn into brands. We create hybrid television, crossing it with the internet. Top Russian bloggers become ambassadors of Friday TV, while we turn our hosts into popular bloggers. We launch projects that can easily work online. We live in two spheres, linear and digital, which allows us to significantly broaden the audience. Besides, Friday TV produces only ‘brand’ shows. We do not fill our schedule with useless content, we create only hits, which have the potential to return to our channel for years to come.



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Marina Zvonareva

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