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Director: Philippa Lowthorpe
Producer: David M. Thompson
Writer: Emma Frost
Cast: Jessica Brown Findlay,Matthew McNulty,Sean Harris,Ben Daniels,Shirley Henderson,Joanne Whalley
Genres: Drama
People: Ben Daniels, David M. Thompson, Emma Frost, Jessica Brown Findlay, Joanne Whalley, Matthew McNulty, Philippa Lowthorpe, Sean Harris, Shirley Henderson
Shows: Jamaica Inn
Companies: FremantleMedia
Jamaica Inn

Set in 1820 against the forbidding backdrop of the windswept and isolated Cornish moors, this is an epic coming-of-age story charting the journey of young and spirited Mary Yellan. Following the death of her mother, Mary is forced to seek out her only living relative, her aunt Patience. But when Mary arrives at Jamaica Inn she discovers that her aunt is a shell of the carefree woman she remembers from childhood; instead she finds a drudge who is firmly under the spell of her domineering husband, Joss. Eerily, the inn has no guests – all the rooms are locked and kept for storage – and it soon becomes clear that it is a cover, as Joss is head of a smuggling ring and Jamaica Inn the hub of his ‘free’ trade. Mary fights to hold onto her morality and resist being drawn into the dangerous world of smuggling. But she finds herself fatally compromised when she falls for Jem Merlyn, Joss’s roughly handsome younger brother. Jem stands for everything Mary despises and she fears that he is involved with Joss’s gang, but in spite of this she finds her feelings for Jem difficult to fight. Mary’s morals and loyalties become deeply conflicted and she is uncertain of who she can trust. She confides in the parish vicar, Francis Davey, and his sister, Hannah. But Davey’s advice that she should use her position at the inn to glean as much information as she can about Joss’s smuggling threatens to put Mary in grave danger. When revelations about the true depths of her uncle’s exploits come to the fore, Mary knows what she must do. But with the noose tightening around all at Jamaica Inn and Mary finding herself increasingly isolated, she must trust her instincts and prepare for the fight of her life.

This adaptation of the Daphne du Maurier classic novel stars Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey, Labyrinth) as Mary, Matthew McNulty (The Paradise, Lark Rise to Candleford) as Jem, Sean Harris (The Borgias, Southcliffe) as Joss and Ben Daniels (House of Cards, Law & Order: UK), Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter, The Crimson Petal and the White) and Joanne Whalley (The Borgias, Gossip Girl). Produced by Emmy® and BAFTA® award-winning David M. Thompson, directed by BAFTA® winning Philippa Lowthorpe (Call the Midwife, The Other Boleyn Girl) and written by Golden Globe® nominated Emma Frost (The White Queen, Shameless).

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