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Director: Joost Wynant

Producer: Geronimo

Writer: Toon Anthoni, Carl Plaisier, Bjorn Vandeneynde

Cast: Louis Talpe, Sam Louwyck, Lynn Van Royen, Aimé Claeys, Alessia Sartor, Ann Tuts, Dirk Van Dijck, Piet De Praitere, Maarten Stevens

Genres: Drama

20 x 45 mins

A tight-knit and headstrong group of firefighters gets shook up by an abrupt change of leadership. After a fatal error during an intervention they come under scrutiny. Why were they so slow? Why weren’t the hydrants switched on? And why was the fire extinguishing so late?
Each of them will have to balance a dangerous, high-stress job, personal challenges and professional setbacks.