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Director: Florian Gallenberger

Executive Producer: Fernando Szew, Hannah Pillemer, Larry Grimaldi, Maik Homberger, Florian Gallenberger, Alessandro Passadore, Eric Welbers

Writer: Florian Gallenberger

Cast: Lena Klenke, Toby Sebastian, Leonard Scheicher, Bianca Bardoe

Genres: Drama

90 min

Inspired by a true story. Tennis star Steffi Graf (Lena Klenke) is already in the international spotlight when Andre Agassi (Toby Sebastian), a young and talented American tennis pro, appears on the scene. At a press conference in Paris, they get to know each other, and it soon becomes clear that Steffi has turned Andre’s head. But Steffi is hyper focused on her career and very shy, which doesn’t make it easy for Andre to express his feelings for her. Moreover, both Andre and Steffi have overbearing fathers whose dreams take precedent over theirs. As life on and off the court gets in the way, Steffi and Andre find themselves in relationships with other people: Steffi is with a seemingly perfect man named Michael (Leonard Scheicher), and Andre marries Brooke Shields (Bianca Bardoe), the dream woman of an entire generation. Preoccupied with her father’s legal troubles and her parents’ separation, Steffi barely notices that Andre is struggling professionally and personally. But when the noise from their families and careers begins to quiet, Steffi and Andre realize that they’re exactly what each other needs in a partner and are stronger together.