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Producer: FormatEast

Executive Producer: IlJoong Kim

Writer: HyoJin Kim

Genres: Entertainment

Demographics: All audiences

Paper Format

Everyone would have once dreamed of eating food from an animation or from a cartoon. Dish is Alive has come to realize such imagination! 6 celebrity chefs compete each other on synchronizing not only the visual but also the taste of the prescribed ani-food with their imaginations. The winner then gets an opportunity to produce and sell a meal-kit package of the ani-food which provides opportunity for the viewers to easily follow the recipe and bring their imagination into a reality. It aims to target all ages by giving the pleasure of reminding the familiar food to the children, while giving the pleasure of trying to cook and eat the imaginary, yet probably reminiscent food to the adults. Ani-food that were inside the animation have ripped up the cartoon and appeared in front of you! Dish is Alive

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