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Director: Felix Gerchikov

Producer: Viktor Mirsky, Lyudmila Semchuk, Tala Prystayetska

Executive Producer: Natalia Nikiforova, Andriy Ryzvaniuk

Writer: Olga Krzhechevska, Tala Prystayetska, Olena Kosenko, Alisa Lindeman

Cast: Stanislav Boklan, Natalka Denysenko, Sonya Priss, Anna Sahaydachna, Mark Drobot, Taras Tsymbaluk, Olesya Zhurakivska, Viktor Zhdanov, Maksym Radugin, Sergiy Strelnikov, Fedir Lavrov, Alina Kovalenko

Genres: Drama

24 x 45 min

This day should have been the happiest in the life of Katya Verbytska who used to be a serf of the Chervinsky family. She finally obtained the freedom she had suffered for so much and was supposed to get married to Andriy Zhadan, the best man she’s ever known. But hardly did the church choir sing a hymn over their heads than a stranger stabbed Andrey in the chest and transformed the coveted happiness into pure nightmare…

Which demons from the past appeared to reap vengeance on everybody’s favorite? What were his sins? Which terrible secrets had Andrey kept for 10 years, and why Katya will now have to pay for it all?
Still, trials are in stock not only for Katya. Natalie Doroshenko dreamed so much of peace and calm in the holy convent. But you can’t hide from yourself even behind the highest walls…

A son who committed suicide, a mansion now in somebody else’s hands – humility has never been Petro Chervinsky’s virtue, and now when everything he used to cherish is ruined, can at least something hold off the withering power of his anger?

It seemed that nothing could mar the happiness of Nicolas Doroshenko and Elena Koreneva… But what to do if the public sees you as adulterers who reject all moral values?

Pavlina the cook is used to being happy for others and does not hope that fate will turn towards her. But does love choose when to come? And does it always ask for moderate payment?

On that May morning, listening to the chimes of Nizhyn cathedral bells symbolizing the wedding of two free and happy souls, many believed in better future. But will this faith live for long?