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Director: David Lopez,Fabrice Fouquet

Producer: TeamTO, producted with La Compagnie Cinématographique, Panache Productions, Thuristar

Genres: Animation, Kids


DYLAN and LISA can not believe how lucky they are to be part of the new Presto School for Magic! Even they will be astounded by everything that goes on at the Manor Lorenzo and his nephew are turning the old house in to a School where young people can learn magic!

The new keen students, Dylan and Lisa are joined by NICA, VIOLET and VINCENT this School will let them live their dreams of becoming Magicians.

Following in the footsteps of shows like Glee (but there is no singing in Presto!) and other shows about young people finding their voice and talent these children will learn about everything it takes to become a great Magician.

And while they all have different reasons for attending Presto! they have one thing in common a gift for illusion, conjuring and a passion for the craft of magic!