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European Drama Coproduction

Content London On Demand Session

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As global business models continue to evolve, we examine the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)’s Drama Initiative, launched earlier in 2020 to help encourage coproduction between European broadcasters to find alternative solutions for European high-end drama without the need to partner with a global platform.

The session examines upcoming drama Arcadia, the first project to come out of the Drama Initiative, and hear from the producer about why they chose to stay local, how the process works and the challenges and the opportunities the initiative presents.

Arcadia After the world survived the outburst of a deadly virus, a new society is created, called Arcadia. Because resources in this new world are scarce, a Citizen Score is introduced. It determines your rights and entitlements. People are forced to stay healthy, focused, and efficient.

We follow the life of a hardworking family that is able to enjoy a good life because of their high score. Everything changes when dad Pieter is deported from Arcadia to the outer world because he tricked the Algorithm that controls the score and artificially inflated his daughters’ Score. The women are punished with penalty points which lower their score severely. Can they get back to their old score or has the downward spiral begun? Will they survive in this world without their protection, or will they share the faith of their father and be expelled.

How do you survive in a world where your Citizen Score determines whether you can keep on living or not?

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