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Producer: Alex Alexander

Executive Producer: Natalie lawley

Writer: Laura E Bray

Cast: in development

Genres: Drama

10 x 30’ 4k

Bonnie Clement, is a 33-year-old aspiring British journalist who moved to NYC on the cusp of 30 with a mission of reinvention and achieving her dreams in the city that never sleeps.

Since landing in the USA, she has nailed a perfect rent-controlled apartment in the Lower East Side with her American fiancé, has an internship at a publishing house and is fresh from a job interview that could lead to her dream gig at the NY Times.

But Bonnie Clements’s gorgeous Gotham life is about to turn on a dime.

In a 24-hour period of utter mayhem and chaos Bonnie shockingly discovers that she has been living in NYC illegally and is officially ‘undocumented’.

It is a day of rude awakenings. Reeling from the horror that her shoddy lawyer had given her false advice which allowed her to stay in the country when she should have left, Bonnie slowly absorbs her new status – illegal alien and the shocks of that morning.. Earlier that day, she awoke to find her American fiancé in bed with another man and is later called by her brother Andy in London to hear the news that her father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Grappling with heartbreak and immigration panic she drowns her sorrows at her publishing company’s party that night, featuring the elite of NYC writers and is promptly fired. As the foundations of her freshly created New York dream life crumbles beneath her, Bonnie adds a nightcap of further self-destruction with a round of meaningless sex with a gentleman called Ray…random hook up by night and ICE Officer (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) by day. Some catastrophic moments invite clarity, and a disheveled and shell shocked Bonnie greets a new day deciding to stay in NYC, rebuild a new life from scratch, dodge deportation, survive being separated from her family and friends in the UK, all whilst trying to navigate the complex and risky path of living under the radar in the USA, with her integrity somehow intact. Above all the chaos she must find the path back to her original ambition to be a game-changing writer. Using the tricks of the social media trade and designing a new incognito Twitter-based identity, she may just become the accidental voice of the undocumented and silenced ones.

Bonnie’s big thirtysomething NYC adventure has taught her one profound lesson, she has already experienced enough of life to know how much you actually don’t know at all.