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Director: Dom Diorgi

Producer: Dom Diorgi

Writer: Jonathan Cook, Ara Jansen, Hannah Pocock, Adrian Faure

Genres: Factual

Killer Soundtrack

Escapade Media
13 x 47’ HD

Killer Soundtrack runs the needle over a playlist inspired by true crimes that cut close to the bone. From serial killer Dennis Rader being the literal subject of Exodus’ thrash- metal song ‘BTK’ to the macabre legacy of cult-leader Charles Manson, this thirteen-part series captures one of music’s darkest motifs.

Each episode examines crimes that either inspired a songwriter or impacted the music industry. Using witness accounts, expert analysis and exclusive interviews with the artists (Max Cavalera: Soulfly, Gerald Casale: Devo, Michel Rubini: Phil Spector’s ‘The Wrecking Crew’ and more), discover the truths, myths and hidden stories of eighteen infamous crimes in a Killer Soundtrack.

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