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Director: Andrew Hyde

Producer: Andrew Hyde

Executive Producer: Natalie Lawley

Cast: Dr. Ian Norton

Genres: Documentary

1 x 90’ & 4 x 60’ HD

As he prepares to lead the vaccination of the South Pacific against Covid 19, a doctor examines his decade-long personal journey to establish global standards for disaster medicine. He has been on the frontline of pandemics, natural disasters, and war zones and yet his greatest hurdle is with bureaucracy. At the crossroads, he turns to his humanitarian instincts to trump politics.

From the boardrooms of Geneva to the frontline battles against war and natural disaster, Dr. Ian Norton leads us on a journey of local empowerment, writing the guidebook that sets the world standard for emergency medical care, while challenging old world systems.

The film begins with Dr. Norton setting sail on a cruise ship with a team of medical professionals. They have been hired by the Government of Vanuatu to vaccinate the country from Covid 19 ahead of the proposed “Pacific Bubble”. Once again, Dr. Norton finds himself at the helm of team of dedicated professionals and once again he finds his greatest battle is with the various bureaucracies standing before him. As he sails into the Pacific, Dr. Norton reflects on an incredible decade long journey and his commitment to challenge old school thinking and to find a new way to bring medical preparedness to the world.

This is a film of hope. Dr. Ian Norton is the medical lynchpin in apocalyptic zones of disaster and crisis. In this exclusive documentary he opens up for the first time about his mission to find a new way to respond to disaster, by drafting the set of international protocols, known as, The Blue Book. His aim: to set minimum international medical standards and empower local communities, becomes the foundation for humanitarian emergency response across 130 countries. Dr. Norton has literally drafted the rule book that is saving lives on a global scale.

As the ship to Vanuatu sets sail, Dr. Norton reflects on his own beginnings in outback Australia, treating third world illnesses in a first world country. Dr. Norton then leads Australia’s response to several major natural disasters including the Pakistan floods and the Philippines typhoon. He then travels to the highest corridors of power at the World Health Organisation. It is here that Dr. Norton not only drafts the global blueprint for saving lives but creates pathways for sustainable and truly collaborative global disaster support for the future. Before long he finds himself in West Africa helping lead the fight against Ebola. Yet again the lumbering ineffectiveness and conflict of interest inherent in the large medical organisations and NGOs becomes a greater battle than fighting the disease itself.
All around him, people on the ground are fighting David & Goliath battles and Dr. Norton determines that there must be a better way. Having written the global minimum standards for emergency response, Dr. Norton turns his back on bureaucracy and returns to Australia only to see the world plunge into a pandemic he and others had warned of for years.

This is a battle against old-world thinking. With natural disasters and global emergencies increasing, Dr. Norton advocates for the empowerment of all countries to lead their own responses through partnerships, training, minimum standards and a reduction in the scale and impact of medical bureaucracy. He and his team arrive in Vanuatu aboard a cruise ship, the very vessels that were the epicentre of the original spread of Covid 19. Their aim is to vaccinate Vanuatu in time for the proposed Pacific quarantine bubble and bring the country’s essential tourism industry back to life. Will Dr. Norton’s new model of small, well trained, locally lead intervention really succeed?

Dr. Ian Norton is a healer by trade, a strategist by necessity and an advocate for change and powerful outcomes.