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Director: Dena Curtis

Producer: Jane Manning, Rebecca Barry & Madeleine Hetherton - Miau

Executive Producer: Aaron Pedersen

Writer: Dena Curtis

Cast: Aaron Pedersen & Holly Ringland

Genres: Factual

Series 1: 8 x 30’ HD

With Aaron Pederson and Holly Ringland.

Back To Nature is a series that explores our need to reconnect with the land around us for our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The series looks at nature through mythology, geology, unknown and unexpected stories, traditional Indigenous knowledge, new scientific understandings (for example, how trees communicate via the ‘wood wide web’): underlining how each of these supports and carries the world we live in.

The series features two hosts who are both yearning to reconnect with nature themselves. Our hosts guide viewers through the wonder and awe of the landscape, exploring our deep human connection with the natural world, bringing us all into a deeper understanding of ourselves, and our place in the world.

Each episode is set in one main area, and then focuses on three locations within that area (that will be within driving distance). The locations featured in each episode will be clearly presented by maps, providing key takeaway content for viewers. The diverse locations will contrast with one another, so that stories of a river system may be next to stories of a rainforest.

With outstanding production values, the gorgeous cinematography, layered sound design and music aim to give the audience the experience of being fully immersed in nature, not just a bystander. The series is instantly recognizable by its visual style, with jaw-dropping aerial shots, flowing slow motion sequences, beautiful close-ups, and a stunning grade.