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Director: Daniel Calparsoro, Joao Maia

Producer: Ficcion Producciones

Executive Producer: Mamen Quintas, Julio Casal

Writer: Patxi Amezcua

Cast: Álex González, Nerea Barros, Nuno Lopes, Miquel Insua

Genres: Drama

4 x 60’

This gripping story starts from a real event, the most media-covered drug trafficking operation of all that has taken place in Europe in the 21st century, when two clans decide to transport cocaine in a submarine. A Spanish boxing champion and two companions embark on a homemade submarine to cross the Atlantic loaded with thousands of kilos of cocaine. No bathroom, no beds, no food. 26 days fighting for survival against the ocean, the narcos and the state security forces. An epic, fast-paced, claustrophobic and risky underwater adventure.

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