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Director: Maxwell McGuire

Producer: Johnson Production Group

Genres: TV Movie

90 min

When her parents headed to New Zealand for the month of December, Brigit Maxwell settled in for a cozy Christmas by herself. Her job as a cartographer of school maps is demanding as she strives to keep up with an ever-changing globe, and a holiday full of quiet evenings by the fire, sipping her favorite peppermint lattes, seems a welcome respite. But her boss has a last minute idea. Can she design a novelty treasure map of the North Pole called ‘Where’s Christmas?’ Brigit seeks the expertise of Kyle Dresher, an explorer who has trekked the Pole - twice! Kyle is reluctant to help, but they soon learn they are both trying to answer the same question: where is Christmas? And much to their hearts’ surprise, they discover that a conscientious map planner and a free-spirited adventurer just may be the perfect holiday pair to explore the terrain of Christmas and unearth a treasure of their own.

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