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Director: Brennan Nurthan

Producer: Wildbear TV

Executive Producer: Bettina Dalton

Genres: Documentary

3 x 60’

Caught in Motion turns the tables on time and unravels the miraculous blurs that fill the animal kingdom … the flurry of Hummingbird wings, the gulping snap of a Stonefish and the lethal perfection of a Cheetah in full flight. Discover the moments hidden between blinks … the lightning fast punch of a Peacock Mantis Shrimp, the elastic flick of a Chameleon’s sticky tongue or the hovering prowess of a Dragonfly. High speed cameras open a window to this fast-paced world of physiological elegance.

Journey beneath the waterline, where gravity takes a back seat -allowing aquatic creatures an astonishing range of fluid, innovative and often impressive forms of motion. Then, emerge onto solid ground -a landscape that requires a combination of clever adaptations and ingenious appendages to traverse -a challenge that land animals have met with phenomenal flair. Finally,take flight and escape earthly bonds.Nature’s aviators defygravity and effortlessly embracethe principles of aerodynamics.Revealingthe mystery of motion, CAUGHT IN MOTION is an adventure in animal biomechanics, that showcases the elegant and ingenious ways that nature gets around.

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