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Director: Peter Salmon, Ban C Lucas, Fadia Aboud

Producer: Jo Rooney

Executive Producer: Ellie Beaumont, Drew Profitt

Writer: Ellie Beaumont, Drew Profitt, Romina Accurso

Cast: Michelle Lim Davidson, Sullivan Stapleton, Magda Szubanski, Lincoln Younes, Tess Taubrich

Genres: Drama

6 x 60'

AFTER THE TRIAL is a thrilling crime drama about four very different people who meet on jury duty as part of a murder trial. When the case is over and they return to their lives, they start to wonder if the young woman they’ve declared “not guilty” is actually a killer... and they’ve let her walk free. Taking matters into their own hands, they investigate the murder themselves... turning their own lives upside down.

This is not a courtroom drama. The story begins after the trial, when the case is over and the jurors have returned to their normal lives... lives that are about to become a lot less normal. Not only do the jury members wonder if they made the right decision in the court case, they begin to question the decisions they’ve made in their problematic personal lives, too. They are about to tackle all of the mistakes, head on.

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