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The Talent Project

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The Talent Project is a show that champions amateur singers who are yet to reach their ambition – from the shy girl with a mind-blowing voice who has stage fright, to a young man lacking the self-belief to sing. Contestants come from very different backgrounds, be it age, experience and talent. They share one dream to become a successful musician and live entertainer. The show invests by offering them intensive training at The Talent Project Academy. Here they live, work and develop under the guidance of top coaches for a hundred days.

Unique to The Talent Project is how this journey is relayed on the walls of a virtual tunnel. Using state-of-the-art technology we watch the contestants ‘walk’ down the tunnel from the Academy through to the live stage. Each contestant’s transformational journey is played out in a visual time-lapse revealing their spectacular progress.

Both the first and second auditions are shown in one episode of The Talent Project: The first part is intimate, a capella. If the three jury members see potential, the contestant starts their journey through The Talent Project Tunnel. As the contestant walks through The Tunnel, we fast forward to a review of their progress. We watch a two minute time lapse, containing images of the 100 day training at The Academy. The question is: have those hundred days paid off?

The second audition sees the contestants walking to the end of the tunnel and onto a big studio stage with a huge crowd. Like their audition, they’ll sing once again for the jury of three and the contestants will be judged on their progress over the 100 days. If all the judges are in agreement, the contestant goes through to the semi-finals, return to the Academy and prepare for the opportunity to perform again on the big stage – this time in front of a live audience.

The finale is LIVE and contestants face huge pressure to get it right. Their performances are critiqued by the judges, but the voting is in the hands of the viewers. From the results of the live voting, the top three contestants are given the chance to perform one last time. As they give it their all the viewers vote to decide who is crowned the winner of The Talent Project and receives the cash prize.

From the emotional highs and lows of each contestants, coupled with life stories and comradery, The Talent Project shows you what can be achieved in 100 days of hard work and dedication.

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