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D’Improviso is a hilarious entertainment show where the host and their guests have to improvise in scenarios unveiled on an iconic rotating set. One of the nation’s favourite comedians and best improvisers acts as the host, but not even he knows what will happen during the show. When he hits ‘the red button’ the set spins around to reveal the scenario and a surprise celebrity guest. The guest could be improvising anything from a new song in a recording studio to being a character within a soap opera. They could be reading the news or they could be hosting their very own late night chat show. Four in-house comedians play along with all of the celebrity guests, but equally they don’t have a clue what will happen. Even the in-house band improvise throughout the show D’Improviso is recorded in front of a live studio audience that are as much part of the fun as all of the celebrities. They get involved in short improv games between rounds to make it one big improvised event.

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