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Beat the Box

Beat The Box is not your traditional quiz show with typical responses to trivia questions. Here, inquiry leads to storytelling, and things get up close and personal.
Teams are made up of friends, colleagues or family members, who play in the comfort of a home. Together their knowledge is tested by the contents of a quiz box, which contains an array of questions, riddles and tasks. Though players sit at a table with a box at the centre, certain topics require them to spring into action, using props and accessories to illustrate their answers, all in a humorous way.

In addition to demonstrating their savvy and understanding of a given topic, players must draw from their personal lives to further elaborate on their responses. Prompted by nostalgic themes, players are given the chance to share their life stories with one another and the viewers, allowing for a unique opportunity for human connection. From the emotional to the humorous, Beat The Box is a refreshing blend of sincerity and play, dialogue and banter.

In each episode, 4 teams are featured. They are not in competition with one another but share identical questions. Cameras cut from one group to the next to compare and contrast the answers and antics, highlighting both commonality, diversity and humor.

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