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Director: Marie-Claude Blouin

Producer: Vicky Bounadère

Writer: An original idea by Sarah-Maude Bauchesne

Cast: Léa Roy, Juliette Gosselin, Sabrina Bégin Tejeda, Marianne Fortier, Antoine Desrochers, Rémi Goulet

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Teen

22 minutes

“The Academy” tells the story of Agathe, Marie and Wendy who go to a private school for girls. After a summer filled with romantic break-ups, the three friends decide to make a pact: to ignore boys for their last year in high school. But their pact will be soon put to the test when the school management decides to launch a project pilot: to change the rules of the school and welcome a group of 13 male students. If the boys eventually become part of the school’s students, their arrival takes our three friends on a roller-coaster of emotions where each will have to face their own demons and experience a whole range of relationships, some fulfilling, some toxic. Which choice will they make?