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Director: Josephine Bornebusch

Producer: Sofie Palage, Warner Bros. International

Writer: Josephine Bornebusch

Cast: Josephine Bornebusch, Johan Ulveson, Gustav Lindh

Genres: Drama

12 x 45 min

Clara works as Chief Physician at a childbirth clinic and wants nothing more than to find the right one to live her life with and start her own family. Desperately searching for love she has been on a number of hopeless dates, Finally, and quite unexpectedly, she runs in to her hunky neighbour Peter, and her whole life is turned upside down.

Clara’s little brother Aron is studying to become a lawyer and still lives at home. He believes in passion and everlasting love with his girlfriend Elsa. He spends all his time studying while Elsa is always out at the coolest nightclubs, where she works as a DJ. Though he loves Elsa deeply, he often has to find solace in his reliable friend Jenny, who is with him through thick and thin.

Their father Sten, does everything for his wife Kersti, who following an accident, can no longer take care of herself. As a wedding anniversary gift, he buys a luxury vacation trip for them, but it does not go as planned; Kersti suddenly dies. After much brooding, and unsure if he is doing the right thing, Sten decides to take the trip alone. A chance meeting at the airport with another lone traveller, Anita, leaves him feeling more optimistic about the coming holiday…

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