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Director: Agustí Vila

Producer: Nathalie Martinez, Loris Omedes, Maxi Valero

Executive Producer: Ana Alemany, Conxa Orea, Oriol Sala-Patau

Writer: Nil Quidam, Xarim Romaní, Agustí Vila

Cast: Nausicaa Bonnín, Núria Prims, Sergio Caballero

Genres: Drama

4 x 45 min

David Martos, a curious and passionate young man, works secretly to reveal an uncatalogued mass grave from the Spanish Civil War where he believes his ancestors were buried. The trace that leads him to the discovery is a somewhat delusional talk with his grandfather, suffering from Alzheimers, but it turns out to be true. Just as he is about to reveal his findings, David is murdered by unknown men. A police investigation led by sergeant Andrea Carmona starts to trace the crimes committed, both past and present. La Fossa premiered earlier this year on TV3 in Spain.

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