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Director: Peter Lindmark, Åsa Kalmér, Andreas Lindergård

Producer: Renée Axö, Nordisk Film & TV

Executive Producer: Jenny Grewdahl

Writer: Camilla Läckberg

Cast: Disa Östrand, Martin Stenmarck, Christopher Wollter, Ella Rappich, Daniel Adolfsson

Genres: Drama

16 x 45 min

A skilled but insecure police officer, Johanna returns to her hometown Hammarvik for her mother's funeral. But the homecoming is suddenly disturbed when the body of a girl is found in the boot of a car, at the bottom of the sea in the harbour. Everyone’s thoughts turn immediately to the tragedy 18 years ago when Madeleine, Johanna’s best friend, committed suicide, though her body was never found. The new incident appears to be unrelated to Madeleine’s disappearance, but the search for a killer compels Johanna to stay in Hammarvik and her investigation turns up unexpected clues and unresolved business from the past... Johanna’s reappearance in her childhood town sparks a feud with her family and a reunion with her now married highschool sweetheart, which causes ruptures in the local community.

Hammarvik is created by world famous writer Camilla Läckberg, who for the first time writes directly for TV.

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